Shipwrite's publications include books and maps about the Pacific Northwest and electronic navigation. 

The Radar Book--Effective Navigation and Collision Avoidance  2nd Edition

by Kevin Monahan

Now a United States Power Squadrons Guide   

Monahan draws on over 20 years of experience with radars, both large and small, to produce this comprehensive guide to obtaining the best performance from your radar set. Packed with graphics and useful techniques, this book is a must for anyone who owns or operates a radar on a small boat.

Local Knowledge--A Skipper's Reference

(Tacoma to Ketchikan)

by Kevin Monahan

The celebrated reference for the coastal skipper. Includes detailed guidance for navigating BC coastal rapids. A multi-tool for coastal navigation. 

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Shipwrite's Guide - Identifying Ocean-Bright Pacific Salmon


by Kevin Monahan and Cameron Wheatley

A comprehensive guide for identifying all six species of Pacific Salmon. 

Using Radar for Collision Avoidance

A training aid by Kevin Monahan

For training or to post in your pilothouse. (2-sides, printed on heavy cardstock) 

GPS--Instant Navigation--2nd Edition 
by Kevin Monahan and Don Douglass 
2nd Edition of the best-selling guide to GPS for beginners and professionals alike.

Proven Cruising Routes-- Volume One

(Seattle to Ketchikan)

by Kevin Monahan and Don Douglass

Shipwrite Marine Maps-- Central Coast of British Columbia

Approaches to Higgins Passage 

approximately 17" x 22"                  Scale = 1:24,400 approx.

Heavy bond paper or Tyvek (tear resistant and waterproof) 

Kitasu Bay

approximately 17" x 22"                  Scale = 1:24,400 approx.

Heavy bond paper or Tyvek (tear resistant and waterproof) 

Shipwrite Maps have been drawn from our extensive collection of depth soundings and observations of the areas at all stages of tide over a period of years, as well as from Canadian Hydrographic Service Charts and Topographic Survey Maps.

The Nautical Charts and Publications Regulations, 1995 of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 require all vessels to have on board, maintain, and use proper navigational charts. This map is not a chart within the meaning of these regulations and does not fulfil that requirement.

Shipwrite Productions maps may be used as guides to show skippers the types of features that have been observed in the past as well as their characteristics and approximate locations. Shipwrite Productions maps may also be used by skippers who wish to record their own observations. 

Other Publications

1.  Cold Water and Personal Flotation    (free download!)

Learn about HOW cold water kills--sometimes in as little as a couple of minutes. 

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2.  Rules for Living and Working, or

How to Find Peace and Sanity in an Otherwise Dysfunctional World     (free download!)

I was asked to make a short presentation to the Institute of Professional Administrators of Canada (IPAC)-on the subject of "What the new civil servant needs to know to survive in the Public Service"  

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